I met Jack the summer after graduating from college. It was a typical hot and stuffy afternoon and I was working for Gene Garcia. Jack and Gene occasionally photograph together and I was lucky enough to become the subject of Jack's photos that afternoon. I have been working with Jack now for five years. What I like most about working with him is how the camera just seems to disappear. Soon Jack is asking about my family and work, how I like my new place- we are having a typical conversation with all the body language and facial expressions and the camera is present to capture it all, yet distant at the same time. This makes Jack's photographs surprising. People have a certain way of performing when they become aware of the camera, but with Jack you get an authentic picture of the person. Plus something more. The picture slows the world down and reveals subtle nuances otherwise lost to the act of performing or our own distractability. Every time I look at a photo Jack has taken of me I get to learn who I am all over again. 


© 2014 Jack Radcliffe

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