I am not an artist that thrives in isolation.  Living in the sticks, virtually devoid of cultural diversity or nourishment, I literally jones for the next time I can work with Jack.  His process is generous and open to ideas which makes me feel renewed, creatively validated.  His result is somehow real and bare, while simultaneously elevating every subject to be regarded as a celebrity worth documenting.  A Mediterranean man I know once told me, "You'd better start painting self portraits because, for a woman, it's all downhill from here."  While life has been good to me, I see evidence of my years, and worse still, I feel it.  So how does a woman age gracefully?  Hell if I know, but I enjoy the challenge of presenting a whole new Melissa every chance I get.  Thanks for lots of chances Jack, looking forward to lots more.  - Melissa Shatto




© 2014 Jack Radcliffe

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