"In 1994 I ran away from Baltimore. Too many creative people dead and dying from self inflicted wounds. I was running to Prague by way of England but never left the UK. My first full day, in a village called Ditchling, I met a drunken fool that took two days to capture my heart. We fell in love, decided to have a baby, and then I lost him, another tragic victim of his own folly.


I had been confronted with death and loss, which made me even more jubilant about the new life swelling my belly. Having decided I'd like to creatively document what was sure to be my only pregnancy, I asked around for a photographer that may be interested, which led me to Jack.


My son has been my companion and my greatest source of healing and joy, growth and learning. Every lesson I walk him through reminds me of my own challenges, goals, and values. As an artist, I view all people as a work in progress and actively reinvent myself to continue to grow and explore new territory."


© 2014 Jack Radcliffe

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