I've always been interested in art-in the widest sense...and Imake various kinds of visual art but my main concern has always beenthe human body and European painting, both from a conceptual andtechnical standpoint. I think that creating a believable representationof a person is extremely challenging and emotionally rewarding If youget it right, it's the believable(emotional/psychological) partthat's hardest. I use a range of stylistic quirks from cartooning to"academic" realism but mostly I just try to draw and paint what Isee(or imagine) with some degree of "life" in it, not that I get it buti try. I like working from the same model over and over again becauseit takes me a while to "get" it...esp. when they have so many moods andlook totally different from different angles...and Erika is the person I've done the most often and hope to be able to continue with....maybesome day I'll get it right.


© 2014 Jack Radcliffe

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