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My name is Jojean, you have a picture of me and my son, my sister Punky and her daughter taken at Muddy Creek forks. I was amazed when I saw it.  I still have the picture you took of me on her porch.  I receive awesome comments in regards to that picture.

I have 3, grown son's and 5 beautiful grandchildren ages 9,5,4,3,2.  The children in the picture are Jake, my son and Heather, Punky's Daughter. I would Surely be up for being photographed again, I am told I am still beautiful at the nice age of 46, I still feel like a teenager!!!! HA HA  There was a reason I had children young and I believe it was so I could keep up with my grandchildren.  Life has been good...still enjoying it.  I live with the love of my life going on 8 years now.  There is 17 years between us of course he is younger.  He is an old soul and I am a young one, so we meet right in the middle.  It works, it took me alot of years to find happiness, Jay is very good to me and I am quite content.  He is a stone Mason and does awesome things with stone.

I am still very much a country girl. December 1st deer season comes in and I will be hunting, and hopefully I can get a deer to put in the freezer so we have fresh meat for the winter.  Times are hard right now and I am thankful I was raised to live off the land with gardening, canning and such.  My man, Jay is leaving for the mountains on Tues. to go bear hunting for a week, not coming back until turkey day, so I will be busy keeping our wood stove going, its our only means of heat.  And his mother has an outside wood furnace, and I have to maintain that stove also while he is gone and keep our home front running and work.


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