Dan & Selena


Dan and Selena Rene make their bed everyday. Dan is an avid tooth-brusher and Selena an excitable hand washer. They love dinners by the fireplace and playing Mexican Train in the tree-house. They love singing through-out the house and while they drive along in the magic bus......When the city living gets too hot they like to escape to the woods or sail away in Dan's sailing canoe. They love to watch movies in bed with their daughter, Fuzzy. She is a cat and prefers to have the whole bed to herself. In the morning Dan feeds the lesbian chickens, they call them "The Homies." They both like to make "duck" noises while they are thinking....It makes them feel good to give little thrift-store treasures to their friends and family. Dan is a crossword puzzler and Selena is the helper. They love to talk on the phone...there are at least 6 phones in the house, so call them! 

© 2014 Jack Radcliffe

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